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Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Training


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ProDoula Certified Doula Trainer, Becky Durnin is currently taking booking for Autumn 2017 through Summer 2018 for trainings in the following areas:

Ireland, UK, Mainland Europe

Labour and Birth Doula Training

Becoming a Labour and Birth Doula or a Postpartum and Infant Care Doula in Ireland is one of the most rewarding career paths available. Choosing the right doula training organisation for you is a crucial element to your success as a doula.

Did you know that most doulas have a lifespan of about two years serving families? 

If you've wound up here, reading this page, chances are that you are already a doula! You've always been someone people turn to in times of vulnerability and uncertainty. Your family and friends turn to you for validation and reassurance and always feel better having spent some time in your company. 

Now that you've finally found your career path, let us support you so that you can continue to work as a doula as long as you like! 

Labour and Birth Doula training is simply the next step for you.  This 20 hour course is completed over two consecutive days in various locations across Ireland. Facilitated by ProDoula - A Certification Agency For The Modern Doula, with the assistance of Ireland's leading Doula Agency Owner and resident Doula Trainer, Becky Durnin, this doula training will give you an insight into supporting your clients through the Irish Maternity System using all of the practical skills and tools learned at this course. Becky has been working with birthing people in Ireland since her first Childbirth Education Certification with GentleBirth in 2014 and has continued to support hundreds of families in Ireland in person and online. She committed to her learning and through ProDoula, is today, Ireland's only Certified Labour and Postpartum Doula


At this ProDoula Training you will learn: 

  • Communication for birth work
  • Understanding the birth environment
  • Labour and birth
  • Stages of Labour - Anatomy and support
  • Physical support
  • Interventions and Medication
  • Challenging Childbirth
  • Immediate postpartum support and the newborn
  • The Mother (birthing person) / Doula connection
  • Doula Self Care
  • Business Topics for Starting Your Doula Business

The ProDoula Difference? 

At ProDoula, we expect our doulas to commit to excellence, this means that after your 20 hour in person training, you will be encouraged by the ProDoula Training and Development team to complete your certification over the course of 18 months following your in person training. 

Your certification exam will help you grow as a doula, adapt and adjust to your clients needs and continue to provide your clients with the best support in a compassionate and professional way. 

You have unlimited access to the ProDoula Membership group where ProDoula will doula you as you doula your clients! 

Course fee (inclusive of certification exams) $595 plus $75 membership fee for the first year membership and $50 for each year thereafter. Around €620 in total, exchange rate depending


Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Training

Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Training 

Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Training is the only certificate of it's kind! Postpartum Doulas have been around for quite some time but this added element of infant care training means that you can set your clients up for success and celebrate their parenting choices with them. This certificate offers our doulas the opportunity to continue to support our clients passed the immediate postpartum period, leaving the new parents in complete control of how long they wish to have you support them. 

Supporting families in the postpartum period is an honour that a doula never takes for granted. With this in mind, ProDoula wanted to ensure that our clients experience the highest level of compassionate support available. 

As with the Labour Doula Training, this Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Training is a 20 hour in person training held over two consecutive days. After the two day in person training, you will be supported through your certification exams by the ProDoula Training and Development Team who will Doula you through your new Doula career. 

Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Training modules include:

  • Pre-Test
  • Non Judgemental Support
  • Communication
  • Physical Recovery from birth
  • Feeding - Breast, Bottle & Formula
  • Infant Care
  • Parenting Philosophies 
  • Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders
  • The Doula Interview 
  • Sibling Care
  • Caring For Multiples
  • Meal Prep & Light Housekeeping
  • Business Introduction - Getting you started


Doula training is an investment in yourself and your family. We understand that you may have some more questions surrounding doula training and certification and would love to schedule a time to chat with you. Please feel free to complete the contact form below and Becky will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 


Doula Training FAQ's

  • Do I need to have a medical background to become a doula? No, not at all. Your role as a Doula is to provide emotional, practical, informational and educational support to the birthing person and their partner in a non judgemental way. Your clients will have chosen their birth place and birth team, you are an added support person.


  • How will I learn everything in such a short time? You won't! ProDoula will support you through your certification process. This is where the majority of the learning is completed. ProDoula are immensely proud of the fact that doulas who train through ProDoula also choose to certify through ProDoula. In an unregulated industry, we continue to raise the bar in terms of credentials.  


  • Will I learn to support every kind of birth? Yes! With or without an epidural, physiological or surgical, you will be confident that your clients will receive the highest standard of unbiased, judgement free, compassionate support. 


  • How long is the certification process? The grace period for your certification is 18 months. Most Doulas complete their certification within one year, others do it as quickly as just a few months. It's entirely down to how well you can get through the required material. 


Hi There, 
As owner of Dublin Family Doulas, I'm proud to say that all of our contracted Doulas are trained and Pre-Certified through ProDoula. The path I took to this point started after the birth of my second daughter, Saoirse. Muddling through the Irish Maternity System through my VBAC pregnancy and birth required a lot of patience, determination and study! Through developing a love for reading research papers and helping other Mums To Be thrawl through papers so that they too could make informed decisions about their care, I soon discovered the term "Doula". As soon as I knew what I Doula was, I knew I needed to be one. With a three week old baby in my arms, I took a training to become a GentleBirth instructor, from there, a birth doula to today where I am the founder of Ireland's only full service doula agency, Ireland's only certified labour and postpartum doula and about to travel to New York to become Ireland's only ProDoula Doula Trainer.
I've learned a lot over the last 4 years and have supported hundreds of people in person and online, through their own personal journey through childbirth and into the postnatal period. Having the experience of professionally supporting families in the comfort of their own homes during home birth and in each of the three Dublin maternity hospitals, it's safe to say that I'm very familiar with the Irish maternity system. While I've supported clients North and South, one thing stays with me and that is the importance of working in collaboration with my client's chosen care team. Helping a healthy mum and baby achieve the birth they want just comes naturally, walking out of a maternity hospital after a couple of shifts with the same midwives who are delighted to see a familiar face again, reminds me that professionalism makes the difference to our client's birth experience. 
I've experienced many variations of birth: Births that just happen, births that don't happen so smoothly, births that require medication, births of one baby, births of twins, physiological births, surgical births, home births, home births that turn to caesarean births, births of babies who are screaming and births of babies who are not. What I carry with me each time that 4am call comes is this:
 "Each birth brings something new, a new mother, a new father, a new baby, a new experience. This is the most memorable day of their lives, let's make it a joy to remember!" 
I would love to chat with you some more! Please feel free to shoot me an email or a text or just give me a call. 
I look forward to meeting you. 
Becky Durnin


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